Of course, you can wear whatever clothes you want, but there are certain features and details with outdoor clothing that contribute to a better experience of your stay – regardless of whether it’s hot, dry, wet, humid or cold.

And this also regards to what trousers you will be wearing. Depending on the type of hike you want to do and the weather, different trousers will fit better than others. Therefore, in this guide, we talk about which trousers will be a good fit for the kind of adventure you are up for.

Fit, comfort, quality and functionality

It is by you and your preferences you should start looking for new hiking trousers in order to find a model that you will enjoy. Do you like stretch or do you like more resistance? Do you prefer pockets in the front, on the side or should there also be pockets on the back of the trousers? Do you need easily access space for your phone? Do you want to be able to adjust the waist measurement freely or do you prefer to have an elastic waist? To help you along the way, we’ve listed features and tips for our different models of hiking pants below!

Bjørndalen Hiking Pants – optimal for hiking

Bjørndalen are durable hiking trousers made of woven fabric with stretchy parts for optimal freedom of movement and ventilation in the side. They have an adjustable waist and pockets on the front of the trousers with an inside pocket designed for your phone. Reinforced leg ends, light water repellency with fluorocarbon-free impregnation, forward crotch seam to avoid chafing and a boot hook to attach to the boots so that the trousers do not ride up. These functionalities makes the trousers optimal for both long walks and in tight terrain.

Diabas Hiking Pantsdurable for active outdoor life

Diabas is the hiking pants with a looser straight fit in woven material with stretchy parts for increased movement freedom. This model has fluorocarbon-free impregnation, open hand pockets, two leg pockets with lids and a back pocket with zipper. This model also has a forward crotch seam to avoid chafing and a boot hook to attach to the boots avoiding discomfort in tight terrain. These trousers are a very good option for hiking and activities such as paddling in the summer thanks to ventilation and light water repellency.

Trollstein Stretch Hiking Pant – airy with an optimal fit

Trollstein is a thin and airy hiking pant with a lot of stretch for optimal fit and freedom of movement. Open pockets in the front with zipper and compartment for a mobile phone or compass. With an adjustable waist, ventilation zippers and an extra gusset attached to the waistband these trousers are well suited for hiking that also includes some lighter climbing – or hiking that requires greater freedom of movement.

Bjonathinner with a narrower leg fit

Bjona är en tunn och luftig vandringsbyxa med smalare passform för benen och elastisk midja för bästa komfort. Byxan har stretchiga partier vid knän och stuss tillsammans med en förstärkt grensöm som flyttats fram för undvika skav vid långa vandringar. Fyra fickor fram med både öppna och stängda fickor med dragkedja, där herrbyxan även har en bakficka med dragkedja. Tack vare sitt lätt vattenavvisande material och smala passform passar denna byxa bra för dig som vill vandra med en lättare/tunnare byxa och en smalare passform.

Women’s Selbu Hiking Tightshiking tights

Women’s Selbu Hiking Tights are durable and technical hiking tights for women. With a construction of reinforcement over the knee and seat that protects against wear and tear and two large pockets on the thighs, one of which has a zipper, this makes a perfect hiking pant for those who like tights more than traditional pants.